The Jaguar Symbol: History & Meaning

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While the Jaguar Leaper is arguably the most recognizable car logo in the world, there are actually two Jaguar logos. Our Jaguar Flatirons team is here to help you learn more about the iconic history of the Jaguar logo, its meaning, and more. If you prefer a closer view, contact us today to test drive one of our incredible new models in our showroom near Denver.

The Meaning of the Jaguar Symbol

The Jaguar symbol brings the spirit of this performance-focused luxury brand to life. The Jaguar leaper represents “grace, elegance, performance, power, and the ambition to leap forward,” the core values held by Jaguar. 

  • The Leaping Jaguar – Originally introduced as a hood ornament, this sleek and silver jaguar is captured mid-leap with a snarl on its face. Today, you may see a two-dimensional leaping Jaguar emblem on newer models.
  • The Roaring Jaguar – Early versions of this symbol included a gold jaguar with a red background and red border. Modern Jaguar models sport this circular emblem with a red background and a silver border. In this rendition, the front-facing jaguar cat is roaring with a fierce determination to take on the road ahead. 

The current Jaguar colors of silver and metallic gray symbolize sophistication and modernity, while the black represents performance. The eye-catching red represents a passion for deluxe driving. 

The History of the Jaguar Logo

From humble beginnings as a sidecar model within a British motor company, Jaguar has grown into a world-renowned luxury brand. Discover the History of the Jaguar logo below:

  • 1922 — The Swallow Sidecar Company began manufacturing sidecars for motorcycles. In 1934, the company was renamed SS Cars Limited and began making automobiles.
  • 1935 — The SS Jaguar was the first to sport the name Jaguar. In 1935, this Jaguar symbol consisted of a badge with the text “Jaguar” surrounded by the wings and tail of a bird. 
  • 1945 — In order to establish itself as a distinctly British brand, SS Cars Limited was renamed Jaguar Cars Limited. This solidified the iconic identity of this brand, and was meant to avoid any confusion with the Nazi SS military group operating during World War II.
  • 1945 — The dynamic Leaping Jaguar logo was introduced on hood ornaments, with the style remaining largely unchanged through the early 2000’s.

Experience the Jaguar Legacy in Broomfield

Now that you know all about the Jaguar emblem, you can display it with pride as you make your next Boulder automotive upgrade. You can learn more about Jaguar with our team for a greater understanding of why this luxury brand is beloved by all who have had the pleasure of putting one in drive. Visit our pristine showroom near Lakewood to begin the automotive adventure of a lifetime. See why our dealership was named Dealer of the Year by DealerRater!

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